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  The first maps were created by Sanborn Fire Insurance, with the earliest map being made in 1883. The State Historical Society of Iowa www.iowahistory.org published the society's collection and has available for sale "Fire Insurance Maps of Iowa Cities and Towns." Sanborn maps also are available at the Iowa State Archives and the University of Iowa Library.

"Checklist of Printed Maps of the Middle West to 1900," is an 11-volume set (Boston: G.K. Hall, 1980), which lists all known pre-1900 plat maps and books for the state of Iowa. This set is held by the Newberry Library in Illinois.

Current county maps for Iowa can be ordered from the Iowa Department of Transportation Office Supplies. Maps are fairly easy to read, are divided by townships and sections, and show highways, railroads, cities, towns, rivers, and streams.

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