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        Iowa Pioneer Listing

The entries showing a contact of "IGS" have detailed hard-copy files located at the Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS) at www.iowagenealogy.org. For details on obtaining copies of the individual pioneer files you seek, see www.iowagenealogy.org/research_assistance/index.htm.

Updates from Internet users are no longer done for this website.
However, IGS pioneer file information will be added periodically. Check back often.
List 1 -- December 1997 (3,836 Entries)

List 2 -- January 1998 (482 Entries)

List 3 -- April 1998 (106 Entries)

List 4 -- July 1998 (398 Entries)

List 5 -- August 1998 (1003 Entries)

List 6 -- September 1999 (635 Entries)

List 7 -- October 1999 (262 Entries)

List 8 -- March 2000
List 9 -- December 2000


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