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Iowa County Information

     Abolished Iowa Counties

County Named Date Formed
Parent Counties
Bancroft 1851 (abolished 1855)
Unorganized (Delaware, Polk), *Boone
Buncombe 1851 (changed to Lyon, 1861)
Cook 1836 (eliminated 1838)
Des Moines, *Muscatine
Crocker 1870 (abolished 1871)
Fox   Unorganized (Delaware, Polk)
Howard 1816 (became Missouri territory)
St. Louis, Washington, Unorganized (St. Charles)
Kishkekush 1843 (1845) (changed to Monroe, 1846)
Unorganized (Henry), *Jefferson, *Wapello
Risley 1851 (abolished 1853)
Unorganized (Delaware, Polk)
Slaughter 1838 (changed to Washington, 1839)
Henry, Louisa, Muscatine, Unorganized
Wahkaw 1851 (changed to Woodbury, 1853)
Unorganized (Delaware, Polk)
Yell 1851 (abolished 1853)
Unorganized (Delaware, Polk)

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